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50 x 50 centimeter outlet grille

The Classic is characterized by a large outflow grid that ensures an increased flow of water under the swimmer, resulting in a subtle lift that facilitates swimming and supports the swimmer.

Speed of 1 minute 50 per 100 metres

At a demanding intensity, the Classic offers a challenging training option that is fully customizable, allowing swimmers to train at their own pace and improve their skills.

Fully adjustable intensity

Swimmers can benefit from the ability to adjust the intensity of their training, allowing them to tailor their swimming sessions to their individual needs and goals.
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Relax and swim healthy at home!

Designed for relaxation, fitness and recreational swimming, the Intelligent Pool Classic is perfect for families, the elderly, and anyone who sees swimming as a form of relaxation or light exercise. This pool creates an inviting and safe atmosphere that is ideal for improving your swimming skills in a stress-free environment. Thanks to the subtle lift of the outflow grille, swimmers can float easily, allowing them to refine their technique in a comfortable way. With adjustable speeds, users can personalize their swimming sessions, allowing them to train at their own pace and gradually challenge themselves. The Classic Pool is the perfect choice for anyone who strives for a healthier lifestyle through swimming while enjoying every moment in the water.
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Ideal for Relaxation and Fun

a versatile pool that provides ultimate relaxation and fun, while also providing a fully customizable workout for serious swimmers.
Ideal for relaxation and fun
Fully adjustable speed for personalized swim sessions
Suitable for both serious training and gentle swimming

Suitable for the whole family

The Classic is not only for beginning swimmers, but also for the whole family. With plenty of space and options, the pool is suitable for all ages. Kids can play and splash around in the swimming stream, making the pool ideal for family activities. Swimming together strengthens the bond and provides precious family moments.
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Discover the Intelligent Pool Classic

Whether you want to work on your swimming skills, improve your fitness, or just spend quality time with your family, the Intelligent Pool Classic has everything you need. Plan your tryout now and dive into a world of swimming fun and health!

Questions about the Intelligent Pool Classic

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Intelligent Pool Classic
Who is the Swimm Classic for?
The Swimm Classic is suitable for any swimmer who wants to work on swimming skills and fitness. And also a super fun pool where children can play with the flow of the water.
What are the features of the Swimm Classic?
The Swimm Classic has an outflow schedule of 50 by 50 centimeters and a top speed of 1 minute 50 per 100 meters.
Can I adjust the speed of the Swimm Classic?
Yes, the Swimm Classic's speed is fully adjustable and can be adjusted to your level.
Is the Swimm Classic also suitable for relaxation?
Yes, the Swimm Classic is also ideal for relaxation and fun. It offers the perfect environment to enjoy a peaceful swim.
Is the Swimm Classic suitable for the whole family?
Yes, the Swimm Classic is suitable for the whole family. Kids love playing and splashing in the swimming stream.

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