Achieve your sporting goals

Your progress is inevitable with an Intelligent Pool

Get fitter Build fitness Perform Achieve goals

“Being able to train whenever I want gives me so much mental peace of mind”

You are an athlete all year long. Enjoy working out at home in your own pool. Choose your optimal speed, your perfect water temperature, your ultimate challenge.

Get the best out of yourself

You are ambitious and you want to improve your swimming speed and technique, achieve all your sporting goals with the Swimm and enjoy the way there.

Perfect for any sporting level

Improving condition

Apart from your busy job and family, there is little time to exercise. Still, you want results, because that's just how you work. Swimming is a full-body workout and with a Swimm in the home or garden, you can train flexibly and gradually build up your condition. Progression is inevitable.

triathlon & competition

Setting and achieving goals is in your DNA. It's about triathlons, competitions or personal records. Structured training schedules make it possible for you. With an Intelligent Pool, you can track your performance and set the bar higher and higher.

Olympic ambitions

Get the most out of it. Want to be the best. Keep getting better. A rock-solid willpower combined with the perfect training material. Olympic athletes such as Ranomi Kromowidjojo and Maarten van der Weijden are already swimming in an Intelligent Pool. Will you be the next Olympic champion with a Swimm?


All models are equipped with state-of-the-art software as standard.

With the Swimm software package, you can create your own swimming programs. First, swim in before your actual workout or program a tough interval training — with the Swimm software, you won't have to worry about it. The fully adjustable flow supports you and continuously offers you new challenges. In addition, you can review your progress. Celebrate your successes and plan your next challenge.

Set your preferred swim speed and select programs from anywhere, in or out of the water.

Control the Intelligent Pool via smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.

iPhone mockup

Create your ideal workout with a few simple clicks.

Optimise your swim training with on-the-fly adjustments for results you can really feel.

Experiences And Reviews.

Learn how our Intelligent Pools have made a difference in the lives of our customers.
“The Intelligent Pool's countercurrent is simply much better than any other pool I've encountered.”
“The current of the Intelligent Pool is similar to real swimming. That is the biggest advantage for me. “
Maarten van der Weijden
Olympic swimming champion
“Sustainability is important to me and the Intelligent Pool is the only pool that meets this requirement.”
Mark Leck
“I enjoy my Intelligent Pool every day, we've tried different pools but Swimm has enchanted us”
Henriette van Raaij
“If I had been able to buy an Intelligent Pool earlier, I would definitely have! Not only for myself but also for my children.”
Ernst Woerlee
“I chose the Intelligent Pool because I can really swim in it.”
Barry Kouterik
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