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The Ultimate Pool for Serious Swimmers

The Olympic pool is considered to be the flagship among swimming pools and is designed to challenge fanatical swimmers and provide the ultimate training experience.

The Olympic's Unique Water Flow

An essential feature of the Olympic is its unique water flow. Two large propellers create a double inlet of water that generates an even more constant and full laminar flow into the pool. This uniform flow and speed are completely comparable to swimming in open water and offers an optimal swimming experience through a great water feel.

Olympic Advanced Swimming Software

In addition to the unique water flow, the Olympic has advanced swimming software. The motors respond quickly to program changes, so that interval training can be more clearly substantiated. This fast response time contributes to an optimal training experience, essential for top athletes who want to tailor their training precisely to their goals.
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- Maarten van der weiden (Olympic Swimming Champion)

Push Your Limits with the Intelligent Pool Olympic

The Challenge Awaits The Olympic is at the top as the ultimate pool for those who seek not only comfort but also a serious sporting challenge. Equipped with two advanced propellers, this top model provides unparalleled water flow, perfect for those who want to take their swimming performance to the next level. It is the ultimate choice for relaxation, fitness improvement, and intensive training such as triathlons or competitions. The Olympic challenges every swimmer, from the recreational enthusiast to the fanatical athlete. If you're striving for the best and want to challenge yourself in a swimming environment designed for top performance, the Olympic is your ideal pool. Discover the perfect balance between advanced technology and sporting challenge with the Olympic Pool.
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The Olympic:
Where Challenge Meets Perfection

Specially designed for competitive swimmers, the Olympic offers ideal conditions for top-level training. The steady water flow and advanced swimming software help swimmers improve their technique and speed, allowing them to push their limits.

Triathletes will find an excellent swimming pool at the Olympic to improve their swimming technique and endurance. The uniform water flow and advanced swimming software are valuable tools for optimizing swimming performance and preparing for competitions.

The Olympic offers benefits not only for professionals, but also for amateur athletes. Whether you're an avid swimmer or swim laps to stay fit, the steady water flow and advanced swimming software ensure an optimal swimming experience. If you want the best, choose the Olympic

Experience Swimming Perfection:
Intelligent Pool Olympic

Discover the unparalleled experience of the Olympic Pool, our flagship for everyone, from relaxed swimmers to competitive athletes. Equipped with two powerful propellers, this pool offers the superior water flow that is essential for a phenomenal swimming experience and the ability to train intensively. Whether you're striving to relax, improve your fitness, train for a triathlon or take your swimming performance to a new level, the Olympic is the definitive choice. Go for the best and book your tryout in the Olympic Pool.

Questions about the Intelligent Pool Olympic

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Intelligent Pool Olympic
What makes the Olympic so special?
The Olympic has a unique, full flow powered by 2 large propellers with advanced swimming software that provides an optimal swimming experience and training conditions.
Is the Olympic only suitable for Olympic swimmers?
No, the Olympic is also suitable for competitive swimmers, professional triathletes and amateur athletes who demand a lot from their hobby. In short, the Intelligent Pool Olympic is perfect for anyone who wants the very best!
What are the benefits of uniform water flow?
The uniform flow of water provides a powerful and full stream that carries and supports the body while swimming. That feels like swimming in open water.
How does advanced swimming software help improve performance?
The advanced swimming software provides an optimal training experience and helps swimmers improve their performance through fast response times and accurate programs.
Why should I choose the Olympic?
The Olympic offers the fastest and best swimming experience in the three-pool series and is suitable for demanding customers and top athletes who want to take their swimming skills to the next level.

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