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The Intelligent Pool is a compact counter-current pool that's great for swimming. Our innovative counter-current system ensures that you swim optimally in the ideal swimming zone and the built-in software ensures that you are fully equipped!

The most sustainable swimming pool

The Swimm Intelligent Pool combines energy efficiency with a compact design, leading to a responsible choice that saves both costs and the environment.

Unique countercurrent system

Swimm's counter-current system offers a streamlined and constant flow for a natural swimming experience. Ideal for swimmers of all levels.

High-tech software

Swimm's advanced software provides accurate personalization of flow patterns, optimizing swim training for each user.

Unique formula

Swimm's unique swimming experience is shaped by the Power Flow and Lazy River systems. The Power Flow provides a powerful, broad flow that simulates your swimming training with a natural feel thanks to a specially designed propeller and flow control valves. The Lazy River offers unparalleled pool circulation, so you can enjoy a smooth, laminar flow that mimics swimming in nature. Together, these systems ensure a smooth, consistent flow of water - essential for the ultimate swimming experience.

Power Flow

Swimm's Power Flow offers a unique swimming experience with a wide and smooth flow of water powered by a large propeller. This ensures a constant speed and an even distribution of energy over the entire water flow, thanks to a series of innovative check valves

Lazy River

Swim's Lazy River works with a unique double wall that allows water to flow back effortlessly and ensures smooth circulation to the Power Flow unit, resulting in a calm and steady swim flow without turbulence.
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Connected to the internet

Swimm's integrated software provides full control over pool training and flow, allowing you to create and customize your ideal swimming environment anywhere in the world.

Set your preferred swim speed and select programs from anywhere, in or out of the water.

Control the Intelligent Pool via smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.

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Create your ideal workout with a few simple clicks.

Optimise your swim training with on-the-fly adjustments for results you can really feel.


Invest in your health

Check out the Intelligent Pools and learn about the value Swimm offers. We combine high quality with economic benefits, allowing you to invest in both your health and your home. Realize your aspiration for a private pool with our transparent cost structure.

The Classic series offers recreational swimmers a relaxing swimming experience where comfort and fun come first, ideal for daily de-stressing swimming sessions.

Easily create a healthy routine at home.
Ideal for light exercise and relaxation.
A private swimming pool for sports and rest, available 24/7.

For active athletes, the Professional series brings a stimulating challenge and a sense of progress, perfect for those who want to improve their swimming skills and fitness.

Suitable for intensive training with a maximum speed of 1:50 min/100 m
Low operating costs and energy-saving design features.
Designed for everyday use, even in the coldest months.

The Swimm Olympic is the ultimate model for serious swimmers, with speeds of up to 55 seconds per 100 metres and a dual propeller for superior, smooth flow.

Suitable for intensive training with a maximum speed of 0:55 min/100 m.
Dual Propellor System
the best possible swimming conditions, making it the pinnacle in home swimming technology and comfort.

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