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The Power of PowerFlow and Lazy River

Step into the future of swimming with our advanced PowerFlow technology. At Swimm, we transform your swimming experience by taking standard water flow to the next level. Forget the traditional, uneven water flow from jets and turbines; our PowerFlow technology offers streamlined, energy-efficient water movement perfect for any swimming style. Whether you're training for competition or swimming for relaxation, learn how our innovative approach changes the way you move in water.

“Will is a true professional and master of his craft.”

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Power Flow

Discover the power of Swim's groundbreaking countercurrent technology, where flow is at the heart of creating an ideal swimming experience. With our advanced Power Flow technology, we've revolutionized pool flow. Traditional systems such as Jet stream or turbine systems often fail to produce smooth water flow, but with Power Flow, we have solved this problem.

Power Flow technology uses a propeller that runs at low rpm, yet moves an enormous amount of water with minimal energy input. The innovative check valves in the flow cabinet ensure a smooth conversion of water, resulting in an exceptionally smooth and laminated water flow. The hydraulic drive allows us to move an impressive amount of water from 1,000,000 to a maximum of 2,000,000 liters per hour at less than 600 revolutions per minute, produced by a powerful 46 cm wide propeller.

But that's not all.

The technology also includes strategically placed check valves that ensure optimal flow direction, allowing water to flow forward effortlessly. The circulation that occurs after the propeller is completely removed. After years of intensive testing and experimentation, we at Swimm have developed a system that is good. The result is a water outflow that is unparalleled — technically the closest thing to swimming in open water.

Below the propeller, where the water is drawn in, the flow can be turbulent, marked with orange and yellow colors, similar to swimming behind the propeller of a powerful boat. This turbulence is an unpleasant experience for swimmers. That's why using our propeller and PowerFlow technology is crucial to calm the water and provide a pleasant swimming experience.

Lazy River

Developed by Swimm, it represents the pinnacle in swimming technology, by ensuring an even and continuous flow of water into the counter-current pool. This innovative system eliminates the common turbulence problems in traditional swimming pools by placing the water extraction outside the swimming area, resulting in homogeneous water circulation.

This design creates a wide and deep swimming zone, where water flows at the same speed everywhere, creating a consistent and enjoyable swimming experience. The unique thing about Lazy River is the combination with Swimm's Power Flow module, which facilitates seamless and laminar water flow. This synergistic effect makes Swim's Intelligent Pool unique and places it at a world-class level.

The distinctive flow that Lazy River offers makes it a superior choice compared to other swimming systems, promising a swimming experience you won't want to miss.

Swimming zone

The swimming zone is an essential component of a counter-current pool, where the water offers optimal resistance for swimming activities. An effective swimming zone simulates natural water conditions, evenly supporting the entire body, resulting in an efficient and comfortable swimming experience. Powerflow and Lazy River produce a wide and deep swimming zone design, which provides a trouble-free swimming environment, in contrast to traditional systems that often have limited and turbulent swimming zones.

Lazy River

Choose Swimm and experience the revolution in pool flow - where comfort, efficiency and performance come together for the ultimate swimming experience.

Discover the perfect combination of PowerFlow and Lazy River technology, exclusive to Swimm, for an unparalleled swimming experience. With the advanced PowerFlow technology, we improve the flow in the pool, but that is only the beginning of the innovation.

At Swimm, we understand that the current is critical to a smooth swimming experience. That's why we introduced the Lazy River technique, which guides the water through the pool without any distractions or obstruction. By pushing water into one side of the pool and sucking it out on the other side, we create an even flow from front to back, allowing swimmers to enjoy their swimming session unhindered.

In the Lazy River system, a wide and deep current is created. In the swimming zone, the water moves in the same direction everywhere, from front to back. In the transition zone, the water moves slowly backwards. The flow rate is the same everywhere, from front to back. This means that it does not matter to the swimmer what position they are in the pool. So you can slowly sink into the current when you are tired and swim extra fast later to get back into position.

The Lazy River technique ensures that in the back of the pool, where turbulence will occur, the water is efficiently collected by the return flow system. This means that the swimming zone, which is really important for swimmers, always remains fantastic - free from unnecessary turbulence and obstacles.

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