Intelligent pool installation:
In 3 easy steps!

Dreaming of a swimming pool but dreading the lengthy installation process? Learn how Swimm Intelligent Pool brings your dream to your fingertips, with a setup in just three days.

Installation in Just Three Days

Imagine finally being able to have your own pool, without the hassle of long installation times. With Swimm Intelligent Pool, this becomes a reality. In about 3 days, Swimm can assemble and finish a swimming pool. On day one, the swimming pool will be installed, which has a self-supporting frame, so that you can immediately fill the pool completely.

On day two, when the Swimm engineers return, the pipes are connected and the filter installation is completed. And on the last day, your pool will be finished and delivered.

Enjoy refreshment and relaxation in your own garden. Take the first step towards your own swimming pool experience with Swimm Intelligent Pool today.

Ready faster thanks to the self-supporting construction

A self-supporting frame is an innovative construction that ensures that the pool can stand completely independently, without extra support. It can be completely filled with water immediately after installation, as the frame supports the weight of the water. This is a significant advantage over traditional swimming pools, which often have to be placed in stabilizing sand to support the walls.

The Installation Process

Stap 1: Plaatsing van het zwembad

On the first day of the installation process, the pool will be installed, and thanks to the self-supporting structure, it is stable and ready to be filled immediately.

Step 2: Connect the filter package and fill the pool

The second day is dedicated to connecting the pipes and completing the filter installation. While these activities are taking place, the last part of the pool can be filled with water and the filter installation and any heating can be started at the end of the day.

Step 3: Connecting the Swimm Powerflow and delivery

On the third and final day of the installation, the final details will be finalized. The power flow is connected and all necessary finishes are done to prepare the pool for use. At the end of the day, our technician will explain how the filter system works and how to operate the Swimm Powerflow.

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Benefits of a self-supporting pool

Easy placement and filling

The self-supporting pool allows quick and easy installation, completely filling it with water immediately after installation. Only a concrete load-bearing subfloor is required to install the pool. This saves time and effort

Possibility to move

With a self-supporting pool, it can possibly be moved later, which is useful when moving. The swimming pool can be moved in its entirety using lifting lugs.


The self-supporting pool eliminates the costs for stabilizing sand and ensures a clear distribution of responsibilities, which ultimately saves costs.

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