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“Will is a true professional and master of his craft.”

Alex Tachov, Founder, Poise

Speeds up to 1:12 per 100 metres!

The Classic is characterized by a large outflow grid that ensures an increased flow of water under the swimmer, resulting in a subtle lift that facilitates swimming and supports the swimmer.

More Freedom of Movement Thanks to the Broad Flow

In contrast to the Classic, the Professional has a wider current than deep, allowing swimmers more freedom of movement at the surface of the water.

Unique Sensation of Speed and Freedom

Swimming in the Professional provides a unique experience thanks to the combination of speed and freedom of movement it offers.
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Unique Swimming Experience with the Intelligent Pool Professional

The Professional Pool has been designed with an eye for both ambitious athletes and fanatical recreational swimmers. With adjustable speeds of up to 1 minute and 12 seconds per 100 meters, this pool offers a wide range of training options, from gentle water exercises to high-intensity interval training. Whether you're looking to improve your fitness, prepare for a triathlon, or simply enjoy a refreshing swim, the Professional offers comfort and challenge for every level. Discover the perfect balance between relaxation and performance with the Professional Pool and give your swimming routine a new dimension.
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The Professional: Perfect for Sporty Swimmers

The Professional is suitable for a wide range of swimmers, depending on their goals and fitness level. Here are some examples of swimmers who will be comfortable in the Professional
Health swimmers who want to improve their condition with challenging interval training.
Recreational swimmers looking for fun and variety in their swimming routine.
Sports swimmers such as triathletes and competitive swimmers.

The movement in the Professional

The current in the Professional is specifically designed to provide a different swimming experience than the Classic. With a width of 60x40 cm, the flow is wider than it is deep. This was done because swimmers who swim at high speeds swim more at the surface of the water. By broadening the current at the top, swimmers have more freedom of movement and experience the flow differently than in the Classic.

This current is mainly noticed by more experienced swimmers. But even the novice swimmer sometimes feel better in the flow of a Professional than a Classic. It remains a matter of feeling that trying it out during a tryout will only surface.
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Discover the Intelligent Pool Professional

the pool that challenges you to push your limits and improve your speed. With a maximum speed of 1 minute 12 per 100 meters and the powerful flow of our Power Flow, you'll experience a unique swimming experience. Whether you're a health swimmer who wants to do a fast sprint or a triathlete who needs intense interval training, the Professional is the ideal place to give it your all and surpass yourself. Schedule a tryout now, discover different interval training courses and adapt them to your fitness level and goals. Regardless of your experience, the Professional offers a stimulating and challenging environment for all your swimming goals. Take this opportunity and dive into improvement!”

Questions about the Intelligent Pool Professional

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Intelligent Pool Professional
What is the Professional's maximum speed?
The Professional's maximum speed is 1 minute 12 per 100 meters.
How does the movement in the Professional differ from that in the Classic?
The current in the Professional is wider than it is deep, allowing swimmers more freedom of movement at the surface of the water. Furthermore, the top speed is considerably faster, namely 1.12 min/100 m.
What interval training can I do in the Professional?
You can do various interval training sessions in the Professional, such as Tabata training, pyramid training and time-based intervals.
Who is the Professional for?
The Professional is suitable for a wide range of swimmers, including health swimmers, recreational swimmers and sports swimmers.
How can I challenge myself in the Professional?
You can challenge yourself in the Professional by doing interval training and pushing your limits.

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