Take back control of your life.

Stay healthy

“A daily workout keeps me fit and healthy, physically and mentally”

Exercise in familiar surroundings, embraced by the warm glow of the water. Enjoying achieving your goals and pursuing the desired lifestyle. Let your life suffer because of the good intentions you will achieve from now on.

Where relaxation, challenge and happiness come together

Clear your head after a busy day. Find yourself mentally.

you want to get fit and stay fit. A safe environment, without hustle and bustle.

Get fitter


Build a condition


A daily routine for a healthier and fitter life

You want to work for good health or a sporting life, but apart from your busy job and everyday life, you see few opportunities to achieve this. The gym or a public swimming pool isn't for you.

Create a new epicenter in your journey to a healthier and sportier life. Start every day in the right way. Reload yourself after a busy day and be proud of the results you're achieving, enjoying the process.

Experiences And Reviews.

Learn how our Intelligent Pools have made a difference in the lives of our customers.
“The Intelligent Pool's countercurrent is simply much better than any other pool I've encountered.”
“The current of the Intelligent Pool is similar to real swimming. That is the biggest advantage for me. “
Maarten van der Weijden
Olympic swimming champion
“Sustainability is important to me and the Intelligent Pool is the only pool that meets this requirement.”
Mark Leck
“I enjoy my Intelligent Pool every day, we've tried different pools but Swimm has enchanted us”
Henriette van Raaij
“If I had been able to buy an Intelligent Pool earlier, I would definitely have! Not only for myself but also for my children.”
Ernst Woerlee
“I chose the Intelligent Pool because I can really swim in it.”
Barry Kouterik
Our swimming pools

Intelligent Pool

Big in a small format.


The Classic series offers recreational swimmers a relaxing swimming experience where comfort and fun come first, ideal for daily de-stressing swimming sessions.

Easily create a healthy routine at home.
Ideal for light exercise and relaxation.
A private swimming pool for sports and rest, available 24/7.

For active athletes, the Professional series brings a stimulating challenge and a sense of progress, perfect for those who want to improve their swimming skills and fitness.

Suitable for intensive training with a maximum speed of 1:50 min/100 m
Low operating costs and energy-saving design features.
Designed for everyday use, even in the coldest months.

The Swimm Olympic is the ultimate model for serious swimmers, with speeds of up to 55 seconds per 100 metres and a dual propeller for superior, smooth flow.

Suitable for intensive training with a maximum speed of 0:55 min/100 m.
Dual Propellor System
the best possible swimming conditions, making it the pinnacle in home swimming technology and comfort.
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