Looking for a counter-current swimming pool?

Do you want to enjoy all the benefits of swimming without leaving home? With an Intelligent Pool's counter-current system, you can swim unlimitedly in a limited space.

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“For a Healthy Life”

Why Swim?

We all know that exercise is good for your body and mind. If you don't do this, you will become lethargic and it is also bad for your health. Exercising makes you feel happier, you have more energy and you feel fitter. In today's busy lives, exercise is often the first thing that comes to mind. In the limited time you have, you also reluctantly go to the gym. Recognizable to you?

That's a shame! Because exercising can be so much fun. Especially in the water. Whether you want to become an Olympic champion, lose weight, create a moment of rest or just enjoy the water with the whole family. Our mission is to make this possible for you!

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“For a Healthy Life”

Who is this pool suitable for?

Healthy Ageing

Recreational & Relaxation

Clear your head after a busy day. Find yourself mentally. Whether your goal is to strengthen muscles, build strength or lose weight... you want to get fit and stay fit.

Inevitable progression

Competitive Swimmers & Triathletes

You train hard and your body feels it. You have ambitions and making consistent progress is key to you. You are in control... from triathlon training to interval routines to recovery training.. achieve all your sporting goals and enjoy the process of getting there.

Painless rehabilitation

Sports Injuries & Chronic Complaints

The fight against muscle disease. Recovering from surgery. Combating with sports injuries. Suffering from chronic complaints, mobility problems or a neurological disorder. For many, it is a relief to be active in the water, working on their recovery. Being able to evoke this sense of enlightenment whenever you want. This is where comfort and painless, effective rehabilitation come together.

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What is an Intelligent Pool?

The Intelligent Pool is the complete product: a swimming pool with a built-in counter-current system. The bath is completely dominated by the current. The structure, the dimensions. Everything is tailored to the ultimate swimming experience. That is why the Intelligent Pools are only made in one size: 4 meters by 2.25 meters of swimming surface. The Intelligent Pool is the largest small pool in the world!

Swim 365 days a year

Thanks to the compact size of an Intelligent Pool, water can be efficiently heated all year round, even in winter. Whether it's 28 degrees on a sunny spring day, or 5 degrees Celsius in January. Achieving your goals is not compromised by external factors over which you have no influence.

For every garden, for every place

A luxurious swimming pool in the shed of a spacious farmhouse, a compact city garden in the heart of Amsterdam, an athlete's fitness basement, the first floor of a detached villa, adjacent to your backyard terrace. Indoors or outdoors. Inground or built. Anything is possible.

Unique water flow

With an Intelligent Pool, the water is extracted from the back of the pool. The water flows forward from the sides of the bath. This means that all the water in the bath always flows in one direction, so you are not bothered by a contrarian current. The entire Intelligent Pool is therefore used to create this unique flow.

Connected to the internet

An Intelligent Pool is fully controllable from the pool with your mobile device. Cell phone, iPad or smart TV... you are in control. At all times, you're just a few clicks away from your desired speed. Of course, the pool can also be controlled with a simple analog remote control.

Why Swim?

💭 That you can get out of your busy life at any time. Take a moment for yourself, where you can completely relax;

💭 You can achieve sporting goals;

💭 That you can enjoy all the benefits of real swimming without leaving home;

💭 That you don't have to think about anything and just... enjoy the water. Do you also like this and are you already in the water with your feet in the water in your mind? Then request the information package below.

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Who is this pool suitable for?

“Swimming outside in the snow in the middle of winter is a very strange experience, but it makes me feel very happy”.

Henriette from Doetinchem

“I especially like that I can adjust the flow accurately to the second”

Ranomi Kromowidjojo

“It's a very nice balanced current that really makes you feel like you're swimming in an endless pool”

Barry from de Meern

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Towards a healthy, sporty lifestyle

Many people want to work for good health or a sporting life. However, in today's busy lives, it's hard to find the time to make this happen. We believe that this can be done differently. It is therefore our mission to make it accessible, fun and challenging for everyone to exercise in the water again, in order to work towards a relaxing, healthier and sportier life. How cool would it be if we all went back into the water and could thus build a more vital society together? We do believe in that... do you?

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